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In a world where you can dream it, pin it, or go old-school and sketch it on an actual napkin — the need to personalize furniture to meet the diverse needs of today’s public spaces is gaining popularity. However, there are many challenges when specifying custom products. Read more to see how we tackle these challenges.

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The issues that need to be overcome:
  • None of their finishes match each other’s standards; different leg styles, different wood finishes, different powder coat finishes, etc. How do you supply a cohesive package when the available finishes don’t match?
  • The more manufacturers involved, the harder it is to schedule and control the logistics.


  • Venue can provide products to match the original design intent and provide the same finishes, leg styles, etc. through the entire package making everything look cohesive and purposeful.
  • Using one manufacturer to replace multiple sources eases the entire process, including the logistics burden. We can ship everything on one truck and have it show up at one time making the receiving and installation of the project easier.
  • Venue can build a custom product that matches the original design intent. It will be built to order and built to the customer’s specific needs.
  • Send us an inspiration image and dimensions and we will reply with a quote within 24 to 48 hours (in most cases).
  • Our team of designers and engineers will design a solution to get you exactly what you need.
  • Our custom pricing is extremely aggressive. We can typically provide you with a custom solution that is less expensive than the original specification.


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[nm_feature icon_type=”image_id” bottom_spacing=”medium” title=”Boston Consulting Group” image_id=”12245″ link=”|||”]Boston Consulting Group needed a sophisticated, custom sofa for their employees to relax and unwind on.

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[nm_feature icon_type=”image_id” bottom_spacing=”medium” title=”Columbia College” image_id=”12237″ link=”|||”]Columbia College needed a sectional for their student center that would be equally as imaginative and creative as their students.

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