| Sustainability

Our Mission

Building a better tomorrow for our future generations is a primary objective at Venue Industries. We consider the cause and effect of every decision we make. From purchasing environmentally-friendly materials to finding creative ways to reduce our carbon footprint, Venue Industries has procedures for continuously improving our sustainability. Venue Industries adheres to best practices for a sustainable manufacturing model. We value the health & well-being of our team and end users. Our furniture is mindfully made, with components that are eco-conscious and safe for the environment.

Our Pony Dust

Sawdust is an unavoidable byproduct of the manufacturing process. It coats the floors of our factory and lingers on machinery. On average we collect nearly 12 tons of sawdust per year. If disposed of improperly, sawdust can negatively impact the environment by leaching into the ground or atmosphere. So how do we combat this? We turn our sawdust into ‘Pony Dust’!

Each month we bag and transport 1,920 lbs. of sawdust to a local, family-owned horse rescue & rehabilitation farm, RJ Farms Equine. RJ Farms Equine is a farm in Lakeland, FL dedicated to rehabilitating Mustangs and working with high-risk youths. The sawdust, or Pony Dust as we like to call it, is converted into bedding for the horses. We also cut down on plastic waste by reusing the bags utilized for Pony Dust transport. Donating our sawdust has eliminated 23,040 lbs. of waste annually!

Lumber & Plywood

Preservation of our forests and natural habitats is of utmost importance to us, that’s why we purchase our plywood from a supplier who has PEFC Chain of Custody & SFI Chain of Custody Certifications. Wood components used to manufacture all frames for soft seating products (booth, banquettes, sofas, benches, ottomans, etc.) are cut from raw materials that meet FSC standards. All wood materials are recycled.

Certificate code; SCS-COC-001211
License code; FSC-C0112656


All of our foam products meet the CAL117 fire code and are free of formaldehyde and PVC. To minimize foam cutoff waste, Venue Industries upcycles excess foam by utilizing it in standard products. Upcycled, or recycled, shredded foam is used in our Bisbee Chairs and as pillow stuffing.


Venue Industries makes informed decisions when purchasing commercial-grade fabrics. We promote environmentally-friendly fabrics by using Carbon Neutral Certified & GREENGUARD Gold Certified textiles as our standard fabrics. For our proposed standard outdoor fabrics we suggest Sunbrella, who is committed to the Goal of Zero Waste to Landfill initiative. Sunbrella also offers the Recycle My Sunbrella© take-back program, which allows domestic consumers to ship their used Sunbrella fabrics to facilities that can properly recycle the materials. Our scrap fabric is upcycled into promotional items, such as Tote Bags or Pillow Cases.


Our product components are locally sourced from Tampa Bay and surrounding counties. Our metal fabricator & plywood supplier are both within a 5-mile radius of our factory. Sourcing components locally allows us to reduce our carbon footprint by lessening the mileage of our shipments.


Manufactured products include sustainable materials and adhere to low impact manufacturing processes, including but not limited to, the recycling of foam, wood and plastics. We use a waste management company that specializes in reduction, recycling, and reclamation opportunities.