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Warranty Information

This warranty is extended for the period after the date of purchase by the original purchaser and is extended only to the original purchaser of the product and may be enforced only by such purchaser. This warranty is not transferable and expires if the product is resold or otherwise transferred. To ensure durability and longevity of the product, it is important to clean and care for the merchandise. Refer to our Care & Maintenance Manual. Warranty may be voided if proper procedures are not followed.

This warranty does not apply to any product which has been altered by anyone other than a Venue Industries representative or has been damaged due to improper installation, set-up, care, maintenance, or repair. Venue Industries offers no warranties on vinyls, fabrics, laminates, foam, or any other purchased components other than those guarantees expressed by the material manufacturer.

Venue Industries will, at its option, repair or replace, the product covered by this warranty, or a portion of the product that is found to be defective in material or workmanship during the warranty period. Once warranty claim is approved, product repaired or replaced by Venue Industries is subject to standard production process. Repair or replacement can take up to 6 weeks during standard production lead times (8-12 weeks). Estimated lead time will be provided during the warranty claim process, but a hard ship date cannot be provided for warranty repair or replacement. Any repair or replacement under this warranty shall not extend the warranty period. The above warranty is exclusive and in lieu of all other express warranties, whether oral or written, expressed or implied. No warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose shall apply.

Venue Industries shall not, under any circumstances or under any legal theory, be liable to the purchaser or any other person for special, incidental, or consequential damages of any nature including without limitation damages to, or loss of use of property, damages for loss of profits or revenues or any other damages arising from the original purchase. Venue Industries’ liability will in no event exceed the purchase price of the product.

Product Changes: Venue Industries reserves the right to make changes at any time without notice, to prices, models, materials, colors, and specifications.

Any defect found by Venue Industries while under these warranties, will be repaired or replaced, at our option. These warranties do not apply to any product that has been altered, or subjected to misuse, negligence, or accident.

Care & Maintenance

To ensure durability and longevity of the product, it is important to clean and care for the merchandise appropriately. Cleaning and inspecting the product is part of standard maintenance and upkeep and should be done at regular intervals. Please note, warranty may be voided if proper maintenance procedures are not followed.

Finished Wood Tabletops / Components
Clean and maintain with a standard wood furniture cleaner or polish. Never use an abrasive cleaning product, even if it states its suitable for wood surfaces. Dust regularly with a dry cloth or microfiber. Clean up spills or liquids immediately. Use drink coasters when possible. Avoid direct sunlight or excessive temperatures.

Outdoor Furniture
When cleaning our Outdoor Furniture, use warm water only. No soaps or abrasive cleaners. Teak or other hardwoods may require regular oiling to maintain color and durability. Contact your sales representative for more info about your specific outdoor product.

Metal Components
Wipe down with a water-dampened cloth followed by a dry cloth. Most metal cleaners are abrasive and should NOT be used on Venue Industries products. Clean up any spills or liquids near metal products immediately. Touch up pens/paint can be provided for powder coated products upon request.

Soap and warm water are the only approved cleaning products for any upholstered product. Additional product cleaning instructions can be found on the textile manufacturer’s website. Contact your sales representative for more information. Venue Industries will not warranty cleaning with products other than soap and warm water. Customers should contact the textile manufacturer if damages occur due to stains or cleaning. If customer-owned material was used, please refer to the manufacturers’ cleaning and care instructions only. Venue Industries does not warranty any aspect of COM material.

To clean laminates use a water-dampened cloth followed by a dry cloth. Hard surface cleaner or laminate specific cleaners are available, but should only be used after reviewing laminate manufacturers cleaning instructions. No abrasive cleaners. Contact your sales representative for more information or visit the laminate manufacturers’ website.

Receiving & Inspection

Venue Industries has procedures & guidelines for receiving and inspecting shipments. Anything less can result in reduced warranty options or voiding of warranty entirely. Inspection period should occur ideally with 2 days of receipt, but up to 1 week is acceptable. Failure to inspect goods for 30 days, or more from the date of receipt, will result in reduced warranty coverage. Please download the PDF below to view the full procedure guidelines.