VETROSPACE commercial soundproof work pod with air filtration


VETROSPACE designs and manufactures productive, private, and safe spaces for working, meeting and collaborating.  Industry-leading indoor air quality, best in class soundproofing and innovative active photon disinfection lighting are just a few of the features that set our durable and freestanding spaces apart from the competition.

Step into a VETROSPACE and you’ll see what we mean.

Get to know VETROSPACE

VETROSPACE realized that creating an isolated, peaceful environment is something that quickly pays for itself. A pod can make work more efficient, people healthier, and as a result, elevate the whole working environment. VETROSPACE is passionate about: building spaces where everyone can feel like the best version of themselves. VETROSPACE has been keeping a close eye on technology to make sure you have the best tools to achieve your goals. Manufactured in Finland, high-quality design is not just a buzz-word for VETROSPACE. VETROSPACE uses the best materials and technology to provide the most user-friendly spaces for customers.

VETROSPACE soundproof commercial seating pods


Exceptional sound insulation

Unbeatable sound reduction keeps your conversations private and external noise out.

This exceptional soundproofing is possible through several patented technical innovations including our double-panel sliding door and thick glass panels.

Antimicrobial LED lights

CME (Controlled Micro Environment)-technology makes sure your meetings are safe for everyone involved. Photon disinfection lighting, in combination with photocatalytic nanocoating, takes care of harmful microbes automatically and without harmful chemicals. When a space is occupied, the white light automatically turns on. When not unoccupied, the powerful VLD (Visible Light Disinfection) blue light turns on for effective disinfection. Even if the light is blue, it’s not UV light, and therefore harmless for humans and materials.

Air filtration system

VETROSPACE smart ventilation system runs continuously, filtering 99.9% of impurities and harmful particles from the air, including mold spores, dust, and pollen to dramatically reduce airborne disease transmission and provide a comfortable environment for those with allergies or respiratory diseases.

Temperature control

No sweating, no freezing. VETROSPACE pods can be equipped with built-in air conditioning for cooling or heating to create optimal conditions for productive work. No HVAC connection is required. Adjust the temperature according to your preference – and change it again whenever needed.

Smart dimmable glass

VETROSPACE pods have smart dimmable glass, which can be controlled with a remote to reduce visual distractions. Create a focus-friendly environment by altering the opacity of the glass walls.

VETROSPACE glass dimmable



Stay Productive

High-quality air and blue-enriched lighting gives your productivity and creativity a lift. Our meeting pods feature a fully automated smart ventilation system with COcontrol and built-in air conditioning to help you stay comfortable and focused.

Stay Private

Soundproofing is a serious business for us. Our soundproof booths with smart dimmable glass keep your meetings and phone calls private, even in the middle of a public place or open office.

Stay Safe

Our meeting pods come equipped with a ventilation system and antimicrobial surface treatment that together eliminate 99.9% of harmful viruses, bacteria, and particles.

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