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| District 850

District 850 is a family entertainment center with an arcade, laser tag, axe-throwing, bowling, ropes courses, escape rooms, party rooms and a full-service bar & restaurant. Venue Industries worked very closely with the design firm, Dynamic Designs, and the owner to carefully specify and design furniture for every aspect of the facility.

Venue delivered a furniture package that was a mix of standard products, like Perfect Game Sofas on the main lanes and Tribeca sofas on the VIP lanes, and purely custom pieces like the VIP lounge furniture and concourse furniture.


CLIENT: District 850

LOCATION: Tallahassee, FL

DESIGN GROUP: Dynamic Designs

PRODUCTS: Perfect Game 2.0 Sofas

SPACES: Bowling Lanes, VIP Lanes, VIP Lounge, Party Rooms, Lounge, Restaurant, Bar, and Common Areas

rendering by dynamic designs for bowling alley district 850
dynamic design rendering district 850

Dynamic Designs presented us with a clear direction of all the important design aspects. We worked with them to tailor a mix of custom & standard products that were within the owner’s budget while satisfying the design intent. One example of this was the custom upholstered benches on the main bowling concourse. The owner and designer provided images of the aesthetic they were trying to achieve, and we designed a custom bench to seat 4 people while being space-efficient. The goal was to be able to accommodate different parties of guests by providing them space to sit back-to-back. The curvature of the bench was designed to create staggered seating, giving people more room & comfort.

shop drawings custom furniture
custom blue velvet bench
district 850 bowling alley design
custom bench in bowling alley
district 850 custom bench