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5 Reasons To Consider New Furniture For Your Bowling Center

1. Increase your profits: New furniture will keep you customers in the center for a longer period of time, allowing you the opportunity to sell them more food, more beverages and more bowling.

You will increase the stay of your current customers and appeal to a broader customer base.

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2. Be a leader: Consumers are always looking for something newer, better and more modern. Older bowling alleys are struggling and new entertainment facilities are growing. The game of bowling appeals to millions but if you do not create a comfortable and inviting environment for your customers, you are not giving them enough reason to spend their hard earned money in your facility.


3. Show your competitors that you are here to stay! If you opened your bowling alley when Sputnik first launched…it’s definitely time for an update. Refresh your bowling center from the fixed plastic chairs and introduce a fresh modern look. As the entertainment center industry continues to grow and expand, your competitors will continue to look for new opportunities, capitalize on your market before they do.

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4. It shows customers that you’re sticking around: Yes, buying new furniture is a significant investment.  However, nothing is more reassuring to your customers than an investment on your facility.


5. The process is easy: Finding the right seating arrangement for an older center can be a challenge, utilizing an industry specialist can save you time, money and result in a better layout with a better built product. Venue Furniture, the leader in bowling industry furniture, will work with you to provide a layout that works for your specific set of circumstances. Every layout and design consultation is FREE. Venue’s experienced staff will customize a furniture solution that works for your facility and fits within you budget.

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