3 Ways to Improve Your FEC

Family entertainment centers, also known as FECs, are evolving. The time for just a bowling alley or just a laser tag center is over. These businesses no longer aim to serve one purpose. The industry has recognized the demand for centers that provide an array of activities, so there’s something for everyone in the family. Welcome to the new FEC, a place where families can have it all bowling, ropes courses, movie theaters, restaurants, arcades, VR, etc. The modern consumer likes choices and variety. Here are three ways you can make your family entertainment center as successful as possible.

Integrate Cashless Systems into your FEC

cashless-fec Cashless systems are a must. Families do not want to stand in line, they want to visit a website or an app and purchase tickets online ahead of time. This method creates opportunities to up-sell and cross-sell. You can offer a variety of family bundle options, meal passes and weekly deals. Cashless systems also make the arcade experience much more enjoyable. Parents feel safer and more inclined to load money onto a redemption card rather than give their child physical cash. No more tickets or tokens necessary. Here’s an important side note, consumers tend to spend more money when using debit or credit cards versus cash.  

Make your Eatery a Dining Destination 


(Photo: Punch Bowl Social)l

You want your FEC to be the end-all, be-all location? Then stop selling cafeteria pizza and hot dogs from a hole-in-the-wall. Making food an afterthought can be a huge detriment to your business. Nowadays, consumers are spoiled by fancy fusion restaurants, gastropubs and options for ethnic cuisine. Make your FEC a destination for food and beverage. Give your restaurant some branding and make the experience memorable. Spend a little more on quality ingredients. Invest in renovations and interior design. These changes will pay off, after all, food and beverage sales are projected to be the most lucrative segment for revenue by 2025.

Employ Modern Design in your FEC


If your FEC has been open for more than 10 years, chances are it needs a makeover. Dilapidated couches and wobbly tables aren’t going to create loyal customers. We’re seeing a rise in ‘instagrammable’ and trendy FEC spaces. Red Stick Social, a bowling alley in Baton Rouge, has modeled their center as an adult hangout spot — offering live music, food, alcohol, free WiFi, and even brunch. We supplied furniture for this facility and many others that wanted to enhance their customers experience. Giving your family entertainment center a fresh, new look will give you a differentiated position in the market and open doors to more demographics. The buying power of your customers is in your hands. Step up your FEC game and step into the 21st century with these tactics. Adapting your business to these market demands will yield positive results and give your FEC an updated appearance.