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3 Tips for Reopening Your FEC or Bowling Center

There’s no denying, COVID-19 took a hit on the family entertainment industry. However, the closing of businesses allowed proprietors time to focus on ‘to-do lists’ and backlogged projects. This downtime prompted bowling centers & family entertainment centers to renovate and rework their spaces. By updating aesthetics and adapting to the consumers’ post COVID-19 attitude, you can increase traffic at your center.

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Bowling is the perfect social-distancing sport. It’s easy to play in a mask, centers are open & well-ventilated and individual lanes break up parties of people. So, what does this mean for you? If you make your FEC/bowling center a ‘COVID-19 safe’ destination, you are certain to appeal to more customers. Refresh your space and take simple steps to adapt to our changing society. Choose easy-to-clean finishes, like vinyls, for convenient sanitation. Pick fabrics that can withstand over 100,000 double rubs for durability. Purchase furniture designed to promote social-distancing, like our Hannibal High Booth.

When going to a FEC, people want the convenience of everything in one space: food, drinks, games, bowling, and a clean, chic atmosphere. After being in a pandemic for over a year, people want to get out, laugh and have new experiences. Your FEC can be that gathering place for new memories and good times.

Be social, be safe and incentivize.

Outside of updating your FEC or bowling center to refresh your image and increase brand loyalty, here’s a few tips to jump start your comeback:

1. Advertise across all social media platforms the procedures and steps you are going through to ensure their safety. People are itching to get out and normalize their lives, so help them feel secure & at ease when choosing your FEC . This may seem like a no-brainer, but different types of social posts resonate with different groups –– diversify and stand out against others. Try posting videos to boost your engagement or even go live and show off how your center is tackling sanitation procedures.

2. Use your bowling center or FECs’ space to your advantage. Think about double lane vs. single lane setups. Which provides your guest the most distance? How can you further delineate your space? Use space dividers or privacy walls to separate lanes to keep groups of people apart. Consider products like our pods or booths with built-in privacy shields.

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3. Offer specials. Even though your business might have taken a hit from COVID-19, so did peoples’ bank accounts. A great way to increase customer retention is offering deals. For example, you could advertise discounts for students, ‘buy one get one’ for front line workers, or even a simple happy hour for hospitality workers. Discounts will be that extra incentive needed to draw in people out of their homes.

We are Here for You

Consider this a learning experience and grow from the current climate. Welcome guests with open arms & show them how much you care about them by taking the correct steps for their safety. Interested in improving your FEC or bowling center? Start a quote with us today