We recognize that all bowling and bowling anchored facilities are not the same. The industry trends, as they relate to furniture, dependent on the type of facility and facility’s business model. Our goal is to provide our customers with furniture that suits their facility and helps to INCREASE THEIR PROFITABILITY. We work in all sector of the industry and address each client and each facility on an individual basis. Unlike the big bowling equipment manufactures, we have the ability to TAILOR A FURNITURE PACKAGE to the specific needs of the center.

1 Quality

Our ability to provide high quality furniture to our clients at prices far below the traditional industry providers.

2 Solutions

Venue is your one source solution for all of your furniture needs. Bowling lanes, concourse, restaurant, party rooms, outdoor…

3 Custom Products

We work with our clients to develop custom products for their facilities. These products can be as simple as a custom sofa or as complex as bowler’s settee seating configurations that have never been done before.

4 Buy Direct

Buy direct from the manifacturer.


If you are thinking about modernizing your center, Venue Furniture is the best place for you to start. Let us work with you to create a new layout…our layout services are FREE to all our customers. Take advantage of our industry experience and furniture expertise, you will be surprised to find out just how affordable an updated look can be.


We are much more than a provider of furniture, WE CONSULT with our clients to present them with the BEST POSSIBLE FURNITURE OPTIONS as they relate to cost, quality, function and the generation of revenue. Venue Furniture is a unique furniture dealership and CUSTOM MANUFACTURER specializing in COMPLEX PROJECTS that require a wide variety of furniture products from multiple sources. WE SELL PRODUCTS that range from the most popular chairs and barstools, to the sourcing and manufacturing of custom furniture. OUR BUSINESS MODEL provides us the ability to SELL FURNITURE AT VERY COMPETITIVE PRICES. In addition to our aggressive pricing, WE PROVIDE CUSTOMER SERVICE that is unparalleled in the industry.


Our sofas, steel seating and coffee tables are proudly manufactured in the United States. Manufacturing our products domestically enables us to purchase the highest quality raw materials available and allows us to maintain the HIGHEST STANDARDS OF QUALITY control. Our factories are quipped with the some of the most technologically advanced cutting equipment, robotic welders and machining tools available. We combine technology and high quality raw material with skilled American labor; this is how Venue Furniture is able to produce THE BEST PRODUCTS IN THE BOWLING INDUSTRY.


We offer an UNLIMITED CHOICE OF COLORS on all of our upholstered seating. Choose from our standard vinyl options or mix and match vinyl and fabrics to create a look that is truly unique to your brand. Our steel products can be powder coated any color. We can create a CUSTOM LOOK by simply changing the color of our steel frames from black, to the color of your choice.