Venue Furniture, a leading furniture provider in the hospitality industry, announced The Perfect Game Sofa as their 2014 Product Of The Year. This award recognizes innovation, consumer interest and product sales. A board of members analyzed all of Venue Furniture’s products to choose which one would represent The Product Of The Year. In the end, the Perfect Game Sofa was the perfect choice. The Perfect Game can be arranged in different ways, allowing the customers to change the configuration and setting of the environment at any time. The sectional sofa works well in almost every hospitality environment, from bars and night clubs, to restaurants and hotel lobbies. The versatility of designs available allows designers and customers to work from the basic model and create a wide range of different looks. For example; you can dress the sofa up with a high, diamond tufted back or keep it modern and simple with a low plain back.


The Perfect Game’s versatility, durability and affordability have made it the perfect sofa for Bowling and Family Entertainment facilities. The Perfect Game line includes several options designed for the bowling industry. You can add a ball rack or drink behind the sofa as well as, storage underneath the seats. The individual size of each piece is designed to work with the exact width of a pair of lanes and the line is flexible enough to work with almost any bowler’s settee depth.



With all that the Perfect game has to offer…it’s easy to see why it was named the 2014 Product Of The Year.